Why JoHo Insurances?

JoHo is one of the few organisations in the Netherlands where you can directly purchase a comprehensive range of foreign insurances from a variety of insurers. As with our other products and services, we believe that you should be able to choose between the best, the most cost effective and the most specialised insurance.

JoHo offers various possibilities from combining insurances to assisting in transferring from one insurer to another.

When you purchase an insurance policy through JoHo, you with not pay anymore than if you had purchased it directly from the insurer. Sometimes (through special collective agreements) you will pay even less.

JoHo offers support with problems that may arise with the insurer. Sometimes disagreement with claims, cancellation notice or insurance premiums can occur. In this situation it helps if you have the assistance of an organisation who has an established relationship with the insurer.

Insurance in the Netherlands

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Gouda Expat Netherlands

Expat Policy for Foreign Professionals In The Netherlands

Working abroad can be exciting but it is also important to ensure that you are adequately insured. The Expat Policy for Foreign Professionals in the Netherlands offers a comprehensive insurance package for foreigners and their families coming to work and live in the Netherlands.

OOM Provisional Residence

The OOM Voorlopig Verblijf insurance (OOM Provisional Residence in the Netherlands Insurance) and the OOM Schengen Visitor insurance are the substitutes for the Global Visitor insurance that OOM used to offer. If you are in search of an insurance for someone who is staying temporarily in the Netherlands, for example for the holidays, then you should be looking at the OOM Schengen Visitor.


JoHo Insurances


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All insurances on this website can be applied for at JoHo Insurances, e-mail to info@johoinsurances.org or fill in the appropriate application form on this website. For questions and additional information please contact us!