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The OOM Provisional Residence in the Netherlands Insurance (OOM Voorlopig Verblijf Nederland) is suitable for people who will be staying in the Netherlands for a longer period of time and/or are awaiting a residence permit. Either way is this insurance a good alternative if someone is not (yet) obliged to have the Dutch Health insurance (Basiszorgverzekering). The person taking out the insurance must have the Dutch nationality.

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  • Unforeseen medical expenses maximum coverage € 500.000,-.
  • Coverage in the Netherlands and in Europe during holidays of maximum 30 days. No coverage in the country of origin.
  • Maximum age of the insured is 69 years.
  • Maximum insurance period is 12 months.
  • The insurance meets the requirements of the IND for receiving a MVV visa.
  • Optional: dental coverage for € 350,-.
  • Optional: liability insurance.

Early insurance termination

Can I terminate my insurance early? Yes, you can cancel the insurance. We will then terminate the policy as of the date of receipt of your notice (or later, if required) and refund the surplus premium. Termination with retroactive effect is not possible.

In three cases you can terminate your insurance early:

  • a visa application is rejected;
  • a residence permit is issued;
  • the insured person dies during the term of the insurance.

In these cases, you must submit a written request (email is also acceptable) together with a copy of the residence permit, letter of rejection of the visa application or a death certificate.

Will you be working?

This insurance also offers work coverage. However if you choose to work, you will be obligated to purchase a different insurance called Dutch Basic Health Insurance.

2.How to apply

The person taking out the insurance (policy holder) must have the Dutch nationality. This person can be family or a friend of the insured. If it is not possible to apply with the dutch nationality, you can choose the OOM Schengen Visitor Insurance.

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3.Important documents


  • The OOM Provisional Residence in the Netherlands Insurance (OOM Voorlopig Verblijf Nederland) and the OOM Schengen Visitor insurance are the substitutes for the Global Visitor insurance that OOM used to offer.
  • If you are in search of an insurance for someone who is staying temporarily in the Netherlands, for example for the holidays, then you should be looking at the OOM Schengen Visitor.