Knowledge base

  • Dutch Health System

    The basiszorgverzekering is a health insurance that is compulsory for most Dutch citizens. The aim of the Dutch Health Insurance is to offer cover for necessary care, aimed at curing the patient. It ensures that the majority of Dutch citizens are covered for all basic medical costs.

  • Dutch Tax returns

    Need help with your Dutch personal income tax return? Dutch Tax Returns B.V. is an online tax service provider that can assist you with the preparation and filing of your Dutch personal income tax return.

  • Embassy Employees

    JoHo Insurances offers special Insurances options for Embassy Employees. Embassy Personnel working in The Netherlands can not be insured with The Schengen Visitor Insurance of OOM. This insurance is not allowed by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  • Knowledge Migrants

    You are a knowledge migrant if you come to the Netherlands to pass your knowledge onto others. The residence permit procedure will already have been taken care of at the Dutch embassy before you travel to the Netherlands. Since it is certain that you, as a knowledge migrant, will be given a residence permit, the start date of employment is always the start date of the Basisverzekering basic health-care plan.

  • No Income

    If you have no income, the following criterion is considered: which country are you registered in? When registered abroad, you can be insured under the foreign health-care system. When your home country doesn't offer any insurance, we can provide you with several insurance options.