Zorg en Zekerheid Basic Health Insurance Zorg en Zekerheid Basic Health Insurance

1.Why the Basic Health Insurance of Zorg en Zekerheid?

Zorg en Zekerheid is a Health Insurance company with a headoffice and several shops in Leiden and area. It is a well known insurance company in The Netherlands.

The company offers an affordable Basic Health Insurance called basisverzekering especially if you profit from the discount for JoHo clients. There is a discount when you apply the special code that activates that specific discount.

It is, what we call a "natura" insurance policy which means that you are not entirely free to choose a hospital or physician. Every year the insurer makes agreements and contracts with hospitals, clinics and GP's, that can be visited by their clients. Fortunately Zorg en Zekerheid has contracts with a lot of health care providers, so you can be treated in a lot of hospitals.

By using this basic health insurance you meet the obligation to be insured.

To profit from the discount, please fill out the "collectiviteitskorting" with code 30852.

2.Which deductible should I choose?

When filling out the application, you will need to provide certain personal details and you’ll have to make some choices. One of the questions you’ll have to answer is which deductible/voluntary excess (or 'eigen risico' in Dutch), you want. You don’t know what this means, please look at "what is a deductible".

Now it is clear what a deductible, eigen risico entails, we want to help you make a choice. The compulsory deductible is not optional. This is determined by the government and you can’t adjust anything. The additional deductible or 'vrijwillig eigen risico' is optional. You have the following options: €100,- , €200,-, €300,-, €400,- , or €500,- extra deductible.


We recommend an extra deductible of €500,- to decrease the premium since most students are in a good medical condition.

Au pairs

We recommend an extra deductible of €500,- to decrease the premium since most Au pairs are in a good medical condition.
Additionally, the ISIS Au pair Insurance will renumerate the medical expenses that are not refunded by the Basisverzekering because it’s part of your deductible, so you won't have to pay the extra deductible yourself.
Do you take (expensive) medicine on a regular basis or do you have an illness which makes you visit a specialist regularly or increases the chance that you’ll have medical expenses, then we strongly recommend you to contact us.

3.When does the Basic Health Insurance start?

The commencement date of the Basic Health Insurance should be the date of registration at the municipality. The insurance company will verify the exact date that you enrolled at the municipality and will use that date as the start date for the insurance. If your enrollment at the municipality was more then 4 months in the past, the start date of the insurance is likely to be the date of application.

4.How to apply?

  • Apply for Zorg en Zekerheid insurance
  • We have written a specific instruction to help you with this.
  • To profit from the discount, please fill out the "collectiviteitskorting" with code 30852. Should you have additional queries after reading the instruction, please let us know.

What documents does the insurance company need from you?

What Zorg & Zekerheid exactly needs, depends on where you are from. You need to provide the following details and documents:

  • Registration at the municipality (BRP - Personal Records Database)
  • Copy of the passport (they need at least a copy of the page with the photo and the backside of that page)
  • Social Security Number (BSN)
  • Copy of Residence permit (only for people from outside the EU)