Why JoHo Insurances?

JoHo is one of the few organisations in the Netherlands where you can directly purchase a comprehensive range of foreign insurances from a variety of insurers. As with our other products and services, we believe that you should be able to choose between the best, the most cost effective and the most specialised insurance.

JoHo offers various possibilities from combining insurances to assisting in transferring from one insurer to another.

When you purchase an insurance policy through JoHo, you with not pay anymore than if you had purchased it directly from the insurer. Sometimes (through special collective agreements) you will pay even less.

JoHo offers support with problems that may arise with the insurer. Sometimes disagreement with claims, cancellation notice or insurance premiums can occur. In this situation it helps if you have the assistance of an organisation who has an established relationship with the insurer.

Dutch Health System: Basisverzekering

What is a Basiszorgverzekering (Dutch Health Insurance)?

The basiszorgverzekering is a health insurance that is compulsory for most Dutch citizens. The aim of the Dutch Health Insurance is to offer cover for necessary care, aimed at curing the patient. It ensures that the majority of Dutch citizens are covered for all basic medical costs. This system has been in force since 1 January 2006 and the Dutch government determines what falls under the basic cover and also sets a compulsory excess.

Is a basiszorgverzekering compulsory for myself?

As a foreigner, it may be compulsory to purchase a basiszorgverzekering. Please refer to the Healthcare Guide to the Netherlands to determine whether or not you fall into this category or contact us directly for advice.

How can I purchase a Basiszorgverzekering?

JoHo Insurances offers both Dutch Health and International Expat insurances. We can help you find a health insurance suitable for your situation.

When can you amend your Basiszorgverzekering?

Prior to the 1st January of each year is it possible to amend either your basisverzekering or the type of cover. During the year it is possible to change insurers if you have changed employers and as a result you have lost your collective (group) discount.

How to amend your Basiszorgverzekering

You can amend your current basiszorgverzekering up until the 31 December of each year. Send a letter or email to your current health insurer (zorgverzekeraar). Make sure that you receive a confirmation.

Should you decide to change insurers, advising your old insurer is often automatically done by your new insurer.

Aanvullend (supplementary) Insurance

On top of your basiszorgverzekering it is also possible to purchase an aanvullend insurance to cover or offer extra cover for dental care, physiotherapy or glasses. Things what is not covered under the basiszorgverzekering.

Why a travel insurance alongside a health insurance?

Under the Dutch basiszorgverzekering overseas medical costs are covered up 100% from the Dutch price. If you have purchased an aanvullend (supplementary) insurance on top of your basisverzekering that offers cover for up to 200% of the Dutch price and the overseas medical costs are higher than that of the Dutch prices, then not all your costs will be insured. You will have to pay the difference yourself. A travel insurance can cover the costs that are not covered by your basiszorgverzekering. First check with your zorgverzekeraar (dutch health insurer) what medical costs are covered overseas. If you are not covered up to the cost price under your Dutch Health Insurance, you can purchase a supplementary travel insurance. Please note that a zorgverzekering does not offer overseas cover for luggage, accidents, liability, legal aid and extra expenses. This is insured under a travel insurance.

Sometimes your aanvullend insurance offers cover up to the cost price overseas. In this case it is possible to purchase a travel insurance without medical cover. This way you are not over insured and do not pay more than is necessary.

Further queries?

Should you have any further queries regarding the Dutch basisverzekering, aanvullende insurance or travel insurance during your stay here in the Netherlands please contact JoHo Insurances directly in the Hague on (088) 321 4563 or email us at info@johoinsurances.org


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