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The 'OOM Studying in The Netherlands' is a health and travel insurance for foreign visitors in the Netherlands, who are international students & interns or au pairs joining a host family. Applicants may not be older than 29 years old. 


  • Health & SOS
  • optional Dental coverage
  • Insurance package (Luggage, Liability, Legal Assistance, Household, Accident)

The Health Insurance offers you a choice between a Standard cover and Extended cover. You can choose between a deductible of €150,- or €0,- deductible.

A few specifics:

  • Premium from € 21,31 per month (standard medical cover, 150 euro deductible)
  • The insurance is also valid while you are visiting other countries, as long as the trip doesn't last longer than 50 consecutive days.
  • The insurance is quite flexible regarding the length of your stay. You can apply for the insurance for any period from one day up to a maximum of 5 years.
  • Be sure not to apply for a too short period since you can not extend the policy.
  • Payment via: Paypal, Credit card or Ideal (Dutch bank account)

2.How to apply

You can easily get a quote online and apply online for the insurance:

Apply Online for the OOM Studying in The Netherlands insurance

3.Important documents